10 Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica

Due to the incredible diversity of habitats, wildlife, and activities found within Costa Rica’s territory, the country has become a popular tourism destination. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts, beachgoers, resort visitors, and hikers are all catered to in this Central American nation. Choosing the best places to visit in Costa Rica may be challenging. But don’t worry! Here is a list of some of the beautiful places you can seek when visiting this country.

1. Cahuita

Cahuita, tucked along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, is home to some of Limon’s most magnificent black sand beaches. During the winter, when the Pacific side of the country is less active, the area becomes ideal for beginners because of the mellower waves.

Several well-respected surf camps and schools can be found nearby. Furthermore, Cahuita National Park is there to be explored. Covering a significant area of the ocean’s coral gardens and a tiny section of the coastal jungle on a peninsula to the south of the city. It’s a fantastic place for snorkelers and hikers both. No wonder it’s one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica.

Best Places To Stay in Cahuita

2. Puerto Viejo

Beautiful beaches, verdant forests, an abundance of wildlife, and a chill vibe sum up Puerto Viejo. Located in the southeast of Costa Rica, this beach town has a distinctly Caribbean vibe. It is one of those enchanting spots where you remain longer than you had planned.

Bike tours allow visitors to explore the island at their own pace, stopping to sample raw chocolate, sight wild sloths or monkeys, or visit quaint wayside cafes. You can even stop by the Jaguar Rescue Center on your journey.

Puerto Viejo is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. In this place, you may slow down, chill out, and enjoy the laid-back Caribbean Costa Rica atmosphere.

It is also home to Punta Uva, often considered to be Costa Rica’s premier beach destination. Along this stretch of white sand beach, gentle waves of azure color gently lap towards the shore. Located in the same direction as Manzanillo, it is about eight kilometers from the nearest town.

Things to do around town never seem to slow down. It attracts more tourists than any other Caribbean island.

Best Places To Stay in Puerto Viejo

3. Escazú

Have you decided on San José as your destination? One option is the hilly, affluent Escazú suburb, about five miles west of San José’s central business district. Dating back to colonial times, the affluent American traveler and ex-pats flock to the quaint and elegant town of Escazú.

Escazú is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. In a sense, it has everything a traveler could want. There are several supermarkets where you can procure a picnic lunch. Even better, before setting off on your day of exploration, stop by the farmers market for some pre-trip perusing.

You can avoid boredom even if you never leave Escazú. Here you will find some of Costa Rica’s finest restaurants and stores. There is also a high-end country club and a golf course. People who like to shop will like Escazú’s big American-style shopping mall, which spans three stories and features numerous foreign brands, a cinema, and a food court.

Best Places To Stay in Escazú

4. Dominical

Dominical is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica for surfing and a tropical paradise for budget travelers. Beautiful beaches, low prices, laid-back cafes, and a relaxed bohemian atmosphere have made this city famous for decades.

Resorts, quaint inns, and high-end vacation apartments in the nearby mountains, however, cater to a more affluent clientele. The village is fronted by a long stretch of beach, and behind it, behind the canopy of trees, local artisans set up shop to sell their wares.

What was once a rundown coastal town now boasts a sophisticated tourist infrastructure. The streets have been paved, and the sidewalks have been bricked over the past few years. You can definitely find your own little slice of paradise on the beaches outside of town.

Best Places To Stay in Dominical

5. Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a favorite vacation spot due to its expansive white-sand beaches and inviting turquoise waters. Located on the Pacific Coast, over 150,000 people have visited the neighboring national park every year since it opened in 1972.

Manuel Antonio National Park is fantastic for watching exotic animals in Costa Rica. It’s also near some stunning white-sand beaches, which is a nice bonus. There can be great hiking paths, as can three distinct species of native monkeys and several quiet beaches. Furthermore, there are many colorful birds and shimmering butterflies to enjoy.

Best Places To Stay in Manuel Antonio

6. Jacó Beach

Jacó beach, on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, is where you’ll find the most welcoming inhabitants, the best water sports, delicious food, and unforgettable experiences.

One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica, Jacó is known for its lively nightlife scene in addition to its beaches and unique environment. After a day at the beach in the evening, you should check out the local hotspots.

The town of Jacó is widely recognized as one of the world’s top nightlife hotspots. Many thanks to the many people who visit there for weekend getaways and other special events like bachelor parties.

Carara National Park is one of many nearby parks perfect for hikers. Numerous varieties of flora and fauna, indigenous and introduced, call this place home. In addition, Playa Jacó is a great place to learn to surf and enjoy the waves.

More extreme activities like surfing, horseback riding, ATV tours, ziplining, and even rappelling down waterfalls could be fun, too.

Best Places To Stay in Jacó Beach

7. Monteverde

Many travelers rank Monteverde as one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica because they believe it was the catalyst for the country’s ecotourism boom. Whether true or not, this is the best starting point for exploring the tropical wilderness of this beautiful country.

It sits high in the Cordillera de Tilarán and encompasses 53 square kilometers of land. A constant flow of hikers, animal spotters, and explorers frequent the nature reserves and protected forest regions.

The cloud forest, so-called for the ubiquitous mist found there, is Monteverde’s main draw. Among the world’s ecosystems, it’s one of the most in peril right now. It is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life, all of which may be studied in museums or observed in their natural setting on a hike.

Monteverde’s many attractions, including the forest, provide ample entertainment and exploration opportunities. You can experience the local culture, study the area’s history, and dine at some of Costa Rica’s most renowned establishments.

Best Places To Stay in Monteverde

8. Tortuguero

Tortuguero’s primary claim to fame is, unsurprisingly, its population of sea turtles. Between the months of July and October, hundreds of thousands of people flock to coastal areas throughout the world to see the nesting of sea turtles such as the green sea turtle, hawksbill, and leatherback. This place will likely stick in your mind for a long time.

Along with its namesake turtles, Tortuguero is a great jumping-off point for exploring the park’s marsh and creek systems. Nearly ten miles into the hills and jungles behind the town, it reveals a wild patchwork of caiman-filled waterways through which canoeists and kayakers can explore unspoiled landscapes.

However, the coast is unsafe for swimming due to strong currents and high waves. As you may expect, sharks are common. Monkeys, sloths, and kinkajous can be seen on hiking routes and canal boat trips. Peccaries and tapirs exist as well. However, they are harder to spot. Additionally prevalent are freshwater turtles, lizards, snakes, frogs, toads, and other amphibians.

This is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica for those interested in seeing wildlife in its natural state.

Best Places To Stay in Tortuguero

9. Corcovado

Many tourists recommend Corcovado National Park if you can only visit one national park in Costa Rica. Corcovado is one of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Costa Rica, covering a sizable chunk of the southernmost Osa Peninsula.

It was set to shield the Central American Pacific’s remaining virgin wet forests from destruction. A difficult-to-reach yet alluring region of the country. Drake Bay or Puerto Jimenez is the best boating access points. Then, get your hiking gear ready for the fantastic trails. 

The journey from Los Patos to Sirena is the longest and takes you via verdant cloud forests and cascading waterfalls. The San Pedrillo Trail is a circle of 1.9 miles that takes hikers through forests of mahogany and purpleheart trees as well as several ferns and orchids. Corcovado may also be a genuine Costa Rican safari, with the best chances of seeing coatis, pumas, wild pigs, and toucans along the famous Sirena Trail.

Best Places To Stay in Corcovado

10. Guanacaste

Guanacaste is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful places. It’s well-known as a tropical paradise thanks to its picture-perfect beaches, stunning mountains, and numerous volcanoes. Visitors from all over the world, and especially those from Central America, flock to Guanacaste every year.

Located in Costa Rica’s extreme northwest, the province of Guanacaste is also known for its distinctive and varied landscape. Travelers are drawn to the region by its dynamic culture, unique fauna, and the extended daylight hours of summer. 

The Santa Rosa National Forest is located in the island’s northern half. You can travel there to see rare capuchin monkeys and explore mangrove woods and broadleaf woodlands with empty stretches of golden sand. Guanacaste has become known as a top destination for ziplining enthusiasts, and the region’s interior is full of exciting opportunities for exploration as well.

Guanacaste is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica if you’re looking for a quiet and more remote Pacific coast beach.

Best Places To Visit in Guanacaste

Final Thoughts

Many thrilling pursuits can be experienced in Costa Rica, surrounded by lush vegetation and a wide variety of exotic animals. Traveling to Costa Rica is like entering a new world; it is the perfect destination for individuals searching for excitement. Pick one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica and plan a wonderful getaway. Adventure, sunshine, beaches, forests, animals, and wellness are just some things that await you.

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