10 Exciting Boat Trips to the Bahamas You Don’t Want To Miss

Taking boat trips to the Bahamas is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Bahamas, a group of more than 700 islands in the northern Caribbean, is a fantastic place to spend vacation no matter the time of year. Crystal-clear waters, golden sand beaches, and the world’s longest underwater cave system are just a few of the attractions here. Water sports, gardens, and the islands’ rich history also keep visitors busy.

These are some available boat trips to the Bahamas you’ll surely enjoy. Pick one now and have an unforgettable Bahamian boat trip experience.

1. Balearia Caribbean’s Bahamas Boat Trip

When traveling from Miami, Florida, to the Bahamas, you can take advantage of the convenient ferry lines Balearia Caribbean offers. In fact, this is a common route taken by passengers and one of the popular boat trips from Miami to the Bahamas. 

The trip from Miami to Fort Lauderdale doesn’t take more than 45 minutes. Balearia runs the ferry from Fort Lauderdale to both Gran Bahama and Bimini. From Fort Lauderdale, it takes 4 hours to reach Gran Bahama and only 3 hours to get to Bimini via direct, high-speed ferry. Currently, there are four scheduled weekly departures.

The ferry to the Bahamas may run on different schedules and frequencies throughout the year. Time of year, sea conditions, and weather all have a role in determining the overall amount of hours spent traveling.

2. Cruise on Norwegian Joy

From Miami, Florida, Norwegian Joy sails on 3- and 4-day trips to the Bahamas. On this ship, you can see what paradise is like for yourself. Vacationers from Miami will be treated to the city’s eye-popping cultural mix and glitzy urban landscapes.

South Beach’s hip Art Deco district, Little Havana’s Calle Ocho, the ultra-rich areas of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, and the untamed wilderness of the Everglades are all within easy day trip distance.

Moreover, the Great Stirrup Cay, with its refurbished cabanas and new Silver Cove lagoon, also gives guests a taste of what it’s like to live on a private island. In this place, you can snorkel over azure blue waters and dive into precise crystal depths in Nassau.

If you’re looking for a boat trip from Miami to the Bahamas, this is one of the good alternatives. This trip is a fantastic chance to relax in comfort and style.

3. Private Air and Boat Day Trip to Bimini Bahamas

If you’re looking for a chance to escape the city and soak up some rays and sea air, this is one of the best boat trips to the Bahamas you can do. Day tours are a convenient way for large parties to experience Bimini. You can enjoy the height of luxury with this boat trip.

This boat trip from Miami to the Bahamas is seven hours. Once you touch down at South Bimini Airport, a Miami representative will greet you. The journey will start at Ponce de Leon and continue with a visit to S.S Sapona, the most frequented snorkeling location in all of Bimini. 

Afterward, head to Bimini’s shark arena to watch a group of Caribbean sharks perform. Lastly, Honeymoon Harbour is the perfect place to end the day because of its quiet, isolated beach on stingray island.

4. A Cruise From Boston to Nassau

Travel from Boston’s hustle and bustle to Nassau’s sandy shores on Ocean Voyager’s 16-day itinerary. One of the luxurious boat trips to the Bahamas, it has stops in popular cities, including Baltimore, Charleston, West Palm Beach, and more. 

The itinerary has been carefully designed so that you can see several East Coast destinations before arriving in the Bahamas.

Your first night at the Boston hotel before your cruise is on the house. In addition to learning about Boston’s pivotal role in the founding of the United States, passengers on this cruise will also experience the warm hospitality of the South in Savannah and Georgia. 

You can also stroll the historic streets of Baltimore, Maryland, and examine the beautiful architecture of Charleston, South Carolina. The tour will conclude in Nassau, Bahamas.

5. Jacksonville to the Bahamas

Discover the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation on a trip from the Southeast coast to The Bahamas, where you can see the historic South and unspoiled beaches. This boat trip to the Bahamas must be unlike any other.

Southern coastal towns like Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, provide an insight into Southern life and spectacular historic architecture. At the same time, the Bahamas offer a tropical refuge just 50 miles from the U.S. shore.

Explore the American South from a new angle on this spectacular 12-day cruise aboard the Ocean Voyager, with excursions that showcase each port’s riches included at no extra cost.

This vacation’s pleasures include taking advantage of Jacksonville’s warm welcome and visiting Savannah’s lovely parks and squares. Tourists can also marvel at Charleston’s pastel-colored architecture and relax on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas.

This excursion is one of the best boat trips to the Bahamas if you’re into nature, picturesque views, and architecture.

6. Morning Half-Day Boat Charter – Rose Island

The boat that Oasis Ocean 7 Charters provides can comfortably fit up to 20 people. It is also a sight to behold for those who like to capture the experience in photographs. This charter is one of the most excellent boat trips you can have in the Bahamas, and it can handle groups of any size, from a couple to a party of twenty.

Guests can visit Rose Island and Green Cay for breathtaking scenery, swimming, and snorkeling (perhaps with sea turtles). As little as four hours is all it takes to make the trip. The first stop will be Green Turtle Cay, The Bahamas, where passengers can cruise or sightsee the gorgeous seas of Green Cay. Moreover, the turtle sanctuaries are a must-see and one of the most exciting attractions in the area.

At the end of the tour, you’ll visit Rose Island in New Providence to swim with sea turtles before returning to Nassau for your flight or cruise ship.

7. Sandy Toes Full Day Excursion to Rose Island

Enjoy a welcome drink upon arrival and a lovely 30-minute boat trip to and from Rose Island on this 6-hour tour. 

A guided snorkeling excursion, a secluded beach, a hammock garden, and the Rose Island Swimming Pigs are just some of the attractions available to visitors at Sandy Toes.

Along the way, you can stop into Sandy Toes Gift Shop to pick up some one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Guests can also enjoy a fantastic Bahamian buffet lunch on a southern pavilion facing Lower Harbour. Moreover, renting a river tube float or kayak is included in the base price, and you may get a massage on the beach for an extra cost.

There are also air-conditioned restrooms and freshwater showers available for tourists on the island. The Beach Bar also provides a beautiful setting to meet other guests and staff members. It features free WiFi and DirecTV for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re planning a boat trip to the Bahamas, this should be at the top of your list.

8. Great Exuma, Bahamas Roundtrip

Explore the unspoiled side of the Bahamas on a National Geographic Sea Lion trip, and learn about the region’s fascinating history of pirates, lost civilizations, slave trade, and pilgrims. This is one of the best boat trips to the Bahamas if you’re a history buff!

In addition, the turquoise seas are excellent for snorkeling, and you may see a wide variety of marine life. The islands’ terrestrial flora and fauna can also be explored by kayaking through waterways or going on guided excursions through nature areas. 

The management of national parks and local conservation activities like habitat restoration, wildlife monitoring, and education about the Bahamas’ incredible diversity benefit from exploring these far-flung islands.

The highlights of this tour include kayaking between the mangroves of Turtle Sound and exploring the beaches and creeks of distant islands. You can also learn Bahamian history and culture from the native Lucayan people and visit Conception Island National Park to witness breeding boobies and seabirds.

9. Exuma Island Hopping and Swimming Pigs Tour

Most tourists’ Bahamas itineraries feel complete with a visit to the Exuma Cays and a glimpse of the island’s famous swimming pigs. This guided tour is a great way to see more of the Bahamas in less time, as it will transport you from Paradise Island to Exuma via powerboat. No wonder many tourists find this boat trip to the Bahamas satisfactory and enjoyable.

At Norman’s Cay, you may dive at a plane wreck commonly referred to as “Pablo Escobar’s sunken plane.” Afterward, you’ll visit Compass Cay, noted for the large population of nurse sharks who make this marina their permanent home. 

Thousands of people gather here every year to swim with the friendly nurse sharks. You can try swimming with nurse sharks in crystal-clear water and capture some of the most stunning images for your Instagram feed.

Then, you can enjoy a Bahamian-styled lunch buffet at Great Exuma. After that, the next stop will be Pig Beach, where you can feed, take a picture, and swim with pigs. Remember to bring your camera! 

Last but not least, before returning to Paradise Island, you will have some time to enjoy and relax on the beach.

10. Nassau Sailing Adventure

Skip the shoes and sail for the Bahamas on a weeklong barefoot adventure. The beautiful Liberty Clipper, a schooner of 125 feet in length, sails among the Out Islands of the Bahamas. 

An experienced staff awaits you aboard and is committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout your trip. From the experienced Captain down to the excellent chefs, the crew is dedicated to making your Caribbean vacation one to remember.

This boat trip to the Bahamas is an experience not to be missed, as passengers can either steer the ship and raise the sails themselves or sit back and take in the sights. This is not a voyage for those seeking luxury. Still, it is ideal for those interested in small-ship sailing and a more genuine experience.

Highlights of this vacation include seeing the beautiful islands of Eleuthera and Exuma, seeing rare and exotic species, sailing side-by-side with the crew and learning how to tend sails or steer, and participating in exciting water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and hiking.

Bottom Line

One of the most classic Caribbean experiences is sailing around the Bahamas. Allowing the Captain to plot a course that takes advantage of favorable winds, weather, and adventures may be one of the finest things you ever do. Just what are you waiting for? Enjoy a one-of-a-kind boating adventure while discovering the splendor of the Bahamas.

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