15 Best Beaches On Florida Gulf Coast

Florida is a top tourist destination in the world. Are you visiting Florida for the first time? Or do you wish to go on a holiday getaway to the coast so you can enjoy the cool, calm, and serene environment? You are at the right place. Listed below are examples of the best Florida Gulf beaches to have a nice moment. 

Top Beaches to Visit on the Florida Gulf Coast

Manatee Public Beach

This beautiful work of nature is located on Anna Maria Island Resort. The beach is a wonderful spot that drives the attention of tourists. Its attractive features are the white sands and clear blue waters. Also, on the beach is a playground for playing games and other sport-related activities. Families and friends can choose to organize picnics while having a great time.

Manatee Public Beach has a free parking spot policy. Many tourists mostly occupy the beach, hence, it isn’t a quiet spot. 

Naples Municipal Beach

Naples is also another popular Florida gulf beach for vacations. The Naples Municipal Beach, located in the Gulf of Mexico, has an attractive sunset view, clear turquoise blue water, and white sand and is surrounded by many houses. It is a rather quiet beach compared to Manatee. Fun activities such as boating, kayaking, surfing, etc., can be participated in the waters due to tidal waves. The beach is known to have a fishing pier where visitors interested in fishing can have fun. Other sporting activities are also allowed on the beach sands. 

Bonita Springs Public Beach

At Bonita Beach, visits are allowed 24 hours a day. Situated at Bonita Springs, the beach is a clean one with smooth sand and a beautiful sunset view. Many seashells and birds such as pelicans and the like are found by the waterside. Bonita beach is a lovely place with accessible restaurants, picnic tables, and restrooms.

There is a parking lot fee charged per hour. With the long stretch of sands, visitors can take nice walks in the evenings or at their convenience.

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is on Estero Island along the southwestern part of the Florida coast. It is a beach that faces the Gulf of Mexico, and it stretches over seven-mile-long. 

Fort Myers is a popular beach used for throwing many parties. There are lots of bars, hotels, and restrooms flanking the beach. It is overlapped by soft white sand and shallow clear waters. Most visitors engage in watersports such as kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

The mild gulf waves give room for boating, swimming, and sunbathing. Fishing and shell picking are also common activities here.

Navarre Beach

A popularly known beach with clear emerald waters. Navarre Beach is a calm and serene environment for tourists and beach guests to relax and have great fun. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place, Navarre Beach is the best choice. 

The sands are pure white and with a sugary texture. There are beautiful beach houses flanking the beach, along with a large fishing pier that leads to other tourist centers. The fishing pier is the largest on the Gulf Coast. Sports such as scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, surfing, etc., are carried out on the beach. Birds, sea turtles, and varieties of fishes are found in the Navarre.

Henderson Beach State Park

Found in Destin, Henderson Beach has warm, clear waters and a heap of sand dunes. Other than the beach, there are campsites, an event center, a boardwalk with shops and restaurants. Visitors get to fish, swim, hike, camp, and organize picnics, birthdays, or weddings. Facilities such as restrooms, pavilion, playgrounds, shower stations, etc., are available.

Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach, also known as Mad Beach, is located in Pinellas County between the Gulf of Mexico and Petersburg. It is a beach town with a refreshing atmosphere that accommodates residents and visitors. The eye-catching areas in Madeira Beach are the numerous hotels, the John Pass Village, and the Church by the Sea.

The John Pass Village is a shopping avenue where lots of restaurants and many other shops are. It is a walkable distance from the beachside. The Church by the Sea is an attractive old building that resembles a giant chicken. Aside from these tourist centers, visitors can partake in swimming, sunbathing, skiing, kayaking, fishing, volleyball games, etc.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach, one of the many Florida gulf beaches, is a free and fun destination. It is known for its many restaurants and shops. Venice Beach is a very colorful place due to its many colorful murals and artists. There is a long boardwalk that extends to the waters. People enjoy fun activities, including volleyball, music, fishing, surfing, etc.

Venice Beach is visited by many people and is mostly crowded during the summer and on weekends. There is a stipulated closing hour too. Shark teeth are mostly found in the sand after being washed up by waves.

Clearwater Beach

As its name states, this beach has very attractive, clean, and clear waters. Its white sands are made of little quartz crystals washed up the shores. There are fine hotels for lodging and restaurants to attract visitors. Clearwater Beach is a popular vacation spot with fun activities like parasailing, snorkeling, boat rides, swimming, sunset viewing, and more.

Siesta Key Public Beach

Siesta Beach is on the Gulf of Mexico with a tennis resort and 99% quartz sand.

It is a beautiful beach with a mesmerizing view of the waters. Numerous fun activities are available for visitors on this beach. Examples of these activities are snorkeling, volleyball, parasailing, jet-skiing, fishing, etc. Siesta Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, with various amenities such as restrooms, playgrounds, pavilions, clothing stores, bars, cafe shops, picnic tables, etc.

Captiva Beach

An idyllic beach spot on Sanibel – Capitva Island

Captiva Beach is one of the many beaches situated on Captiva Island. It is a large beach with warm waters, fine sand, a great sunset view, and many shells. However, there is limited parking space. 

Cape San Blas

Cape San Blas is a popular and public beach, although with restrictions to some areas due to private ownership. The beach is located on the St. Joseph Peninsula. 

The pristine beach has white sand and clear waters. Activities such as kayaking and hiking take place here. It is mostly referred to as “the cape.”


Sanibel beach, along with other beaches, is found on a small island called Sanibel beach. It is a small and quiet beach with restaurants, hotels, and beautiful beach fronts.

Sanibel beach is very serene and used as a relaxation place.

Pensacola Beach

Many visitors select Pensacola Beach because of its clear waters and white sands with sugar texture. The beach has a calm and quiet atmosphere with amazing views.

It has a boardwalk with numerous restaurants and shops and a pier for fishing.

St. Pete Beach

Lifted on the West Coast of Florida, St. Pete Beach is a gorgeous beach with attractive soft white sands, clear emerald water, and a large walking distance.

There are lots of hotels, bars, and restaurants. Water sports activities such as paddle boarding, parasailing, kayaking, etc., are fun activities that visitors participate in while visiting St. Pete Beach.


Florida has lots of beaches that vacationers and tourists can visit. Most of these beaches are accessible, affordable, and full of fun activities. Popular examples of Florida gulf beaches are Naples Municipal Beach, St. Pete’s Beach, Manatee Public Beach, etc.

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