Best Places to Camp in the Florida Keys – 5 Best Places and Guides

Camping in the Florida Keys is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. No matter if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you or an annual thing, it’s best to do your vacation right. For that reason, if you’re looking to camp in the Florida Keys, you should look to find the best places to camp.

Different camping spaces come with different benefits, so it’s always smart to pick wisely. Whether you’re looking for awesome, cool, and shaded areas, or if you’re looking for locations close to activities you want to do, here are some of the best places to camp in the Florida Keys.

Key Largo Kampground

Easily one of the best places to camp in the Florida Keys, the Key Largo Kampground pairs its unique naming scheme with a fantastic camping experience. This great campground offers campsites, as well as a marina and dockage for those looking to boat or sail down in Florida. An easily available boat ramp and boat slip make the Key Largo Kampground fantastic for any avid boaters who want to experience the Florida oceans, right next to their campsite.

Offering both tent and RV campsites, this pristine location is a fantastic choice for those looking to go camping in the Florida Keys. The pricing is also very reasonable for the location, which is definitely something to consider as camping can get expensive depending on where you want to camp.

This fantastic campground also offers a heated pool, basketball court, volleyball court, and virtually every other amenity you can think of. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about any other outside amenity or activity – everything will be included in the campground you stay at.

Key Palms Luxury RV Park

The Key Palms Luxury RV Resort is a fantastic area to stay in for any vacationers looking to stay in the Florida Keys. This pristine RV park is located just one hour from Miami and two hours from Key West. Because of this ideal location, you’ll easily be able to travel wherever your adventure awaits in the Florida Keys.

This incredible RV park is situated on the waterfront of Florida Bay, with a private beach and private bay access. Because of this, it’s ideal for boaters, and any vacationers looking for a taste of the Florida Bay during their trip. No matter what type of site you’re looking for, the Key Palms Luxury RV Resort definitely has the camping site for you.

This camping area also offers plenty of amenities, including a pool and spa, as well as washers, dryers, and even WiFi available for those who need to remain connected to the outside world. Because of all this, this is easily one of the best places to camp in the Florida Keys.

Bahia Honda State Park

If you’re looking for a camping area in a state park that also gives you incredible views and access to the Florida Keys, the Bahia Honda State Park is without a doubt one of the best locations you can find. This incredibly beautiful and natural state park offers fantastic views of the Florida Keys, as well as easily accessible campgrounds for both RV campers and tent campers.

With all that being said, one thing to be aware of is that the Bahia Honda State Park is incredibly popular. Although this does speak to the fantastic beauty and access of the park as well as the campsites, it also means that the park may be closed to visitors and newcomers if the limit is reached.

If you make it in, though, this park is incredible. It features snorkeling, kayaking, birdwatching and wildlife watching, and much more. There are incredible beaches, views, and the sunsets are unforgettable. This park is well known to any repeat vacationers to the Florida Keys, and for good reason.

Curry Hammock State Park

The Curry Hammock State Park is a state park which is located on the Crawl Key within the Florida Keys. This beautiful state park is known for its white beaches, natural forestry, and immaculate selection of wildlife. Because of all this, the Curry Hammock State Park is a top camping spot for anybody aiming to camp in the Florida Keys.

You’ll be able to camp, stay the night, and then proceed to participate in any activities during the day. Whether you’re aiming to kayak, fish, or just walk along the calm and relaxing beach, you’ll be able to do so at the Curry Hammock State Park. This park is easily a much more relaxing and secluded area than the other parks and areas on this list, offering many uninhabited and untouched areas for any vacationer to explore.

Jolly Roger RV Resort

The Jolly Roger RV Resort is a great location for any who wishes to explore the nearby islands, swim in the cool and refreshing water, or enjoy the views and sunsets. This location is a great campsite, offering over 160 hookup sites on 11 acres of beautiful territory. Almost all of the campsites available have great views, are spacious, grassy, and have great camping areas.

This resort is only a one-hour drive from Key West, which means you’re right next to any activity you can imagine. Beyond that, this RV resort has dock access to the water, which means that you don’t even have to leave the resort to access snorkeling, kayaking, or boating.

This RV resort offers a large dock and secluded harbor for any boating enthusiasts, as well as a heated swimming pool, dog park, and other amenities. Because of this, the Jolly Roger RV Resort is easily a great location to camp when you head to the Florida Keys.

Have a Great Vacation

With all of that being said, it’s clear that there are many great places to camp in the Florida Keys. Although this list hardly covers every location you can find, these are some of the best areas available for both hardcore and amateur campers.

No matter what reason you plan on camping in the Florida Keys, these locations have something to offer you!

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